Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rare Therevox Keyboard on Ebay

From the listing:

"Cool Therevox ET-3 ET3 tabletop instrument. This is a modern recreation of the tannerin used originally by the Beach Boys to recreate the Theremin part from "Good Vibrations" live. This was built in a limited run of 13 last year by Mike Beauchamp. These are no longer available. This works great and sounds really cool. It has some more complex functions available as well as the basic saw and sine waves tones. Its an excellent stand alone instrument or as a controller for Modular synth stuff or CV inputs. It is similar in form and function to the Eowave Persephone and the French Connection controller, which is a copy of an Ondes Martenot. For more info, see the now retired therevox website: This works perfectly and is rock solid tuning wise. Includes the original AC adaptor and brief manual. A really fun instrument for studio or live use."

More info at the listing.

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