Friday, January 16, 2009

What Will NAMM Bring Today?

So, day two of NAMM is upon us. Any predictions on what new announcements and unveilings will take place? G-Force apparently has a very big announcement to make today which I'll be interested to see since I think pretty much everything they've put out has been excellent... could it be the fabled S.O.B. Oberheim OB8 impersonator they teased us with an 'accidental' glipse of back in 2006?



Anonymous said...

NOPE. It's impOSCar 2! There is a short vid up at Sonicstate that says they took part of the sOB and put it in the new impOSCar.

This is exciting news since this is my favorite softsynth.

Tom said...

Heh... yep, I just posted about this.