Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sonic State Takes a Full Look at ImpOSCar 2

I thought it seemed odd that we didn't see more than that brief teaser video. So here's a more thorough look at some of the new features on ImpOSCar 2, as well as a listen to some sounds demonstrating them. In a nutshell, the some of the new features include:

• Audio input for processing external audio with the filters and new ring mod
• Ring mod
• Improved Arpeggiator
• 2 LFOs
• More modulation routing options
• PWM on both oscillators
• Chord memory
• Poly aftertouch
• Unison
• New, improved chorus modes

It sounds very nice (as does the original). One feature I don't see mentioned is an improved preset management method. I think this is the ImpOSCar's weak point at the moment, as it isn't very user-friendly. No word on release date, price, or upgrade price for existing users yet.



mangadrive said...

You know its bad when he hit two notes and I said OMG UNDERWORLD BORN SLIPPY NUXX.

and he confirms...

This thing sounds great.

One thing that scares me is they keep talking about taking advantage of newer CPUS and cycles. I just finally got a Dual core this past year and thought I had so much more headroom but still inevitably freeze tracks. Guess you'll never get away from that though.

Tom said...

Yeah, the moment someone comes out with a more powerful CPU, someone creates a synth that eats up all its power. I think it's the law or something.