Friday, January 16, 2009

MOTU Volta

Things seem a bit quieter today at NAMM... not many really earth-shattering announcements, so I should mention this. This was announced late yesterday, so I neglected to wite about it, but Mark of the Unicorn introduced one of the few real innovative products we've seen out of this year's NAMM: Volta.

Simply put, Volta is a software plug-in that turns your audio interface into a voltage control interface for controlling old analog synths, modulars, some effects processors... basically anything with a CV input. If you don't know what that means, this product probably won't interest you, but if you've got a bunch of old analog synths and have priced what MIDI-to-CV converters cost, you can see what an amazing product this is, especially since you are only limited by how many outputs your audio interface has in regards to how many synths, etc. you can control at once! SWEET!



blinkingtears said...

This is such a good idea! Getting this for sure:D

Tom said...

Hey, stranger! I didn't know you read this blog. Nice to see you!

blinkingtears said...

Hey:) Yes, i love your blog! Chris(husband,clairevoyant partner in crime, gear & analog junkie) does too. If you and he ever get together it will be hours of genius geekery:P

mangadrive said...

I missed this somehow. I caught it on KVR though... simply amazing.