Wednesday, January 28, 2009

E-mu Audity 2000 on Ebay

E-mu's Audity 2000 was a rackmount ROMpler based on the architecture of the best-selling Proteus. The Audity 2000, however was aimed more for makers of techno-oriented stuff and boasted 16 arpeggiators. I've never played with one, but I know a couple of people who had them and loved them (one of them being Daniel from Haujobb).

More info at the listing...

(By the way, this piece took its name from a monster synth E-mu made in 1979 called the Audity. It was so expensive, only one was ever made, but have a look at it here and tell me it doesn't make you pee a little.)


Sly Hoax said...

I've got one of these and I use it for downtempo and hip hop/funk type music. It is an awesome and beastly synth. Check my name/url for tunes made with this synth.

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