Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Open Invitation

I just wanted to invite readers here to come over to, a new fan forum for my band, Assemblage 23. Even if you have no interest in my band, we DO have a dedicated tech forum and I'd love to get non-fans involved too so it can almost be an extension on Waveformless. Since we are starting over from scratch, the user base isn't huge yet, but feel free to come on over, sign up, and talk tech. Everyone there is super-friendly and I think people familiar with the previous forum will agree that it's always been a place devoid of the usual internet drama and hostility. So come on and join us! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! WOOZLE WAZZLE! WOOZLE WAZZLE!


dave romero said...

what? no drama? that's no fun


i'll check it out

dave romero said...

well, I tried to join but got frustrated trying to get the confirmation code right

is that an 8 or 3, an F or E etc...

anyway, good luck with the forum

Tom said...

Sorry you had trouble with the captcha...I know they can be a pain sometimes.