Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cool Blog for Old People

If you're an old coot like me, or even if you just have an appreciation for the alternative music of the 80's, you should definitely check out (Relax, the seemingly gory URL is a lyric from a Pixies song...). The blog covers bands from the era, news on reissues, remasters, reunions, and other words begining with 're-'.

Incidentally, the stack of tapes at the top of the page looks SO much like my cassette collection from back in the day that it's scary.


Seamus said...

Hey, I recognised/got massive waves of nostalgia at the title of that blog straight away and I'm only 23! YOU CALLIN' ME OLD??? ;P
Cool though, will definitely check that blog out :)

Tom said...

Uh-oh... sounds like we better go down to the store so you can pick out a walker. ; )