Sunday, August 30, 2009

Native Instruments to Announce Kontakt 4, Guitar Rig 4, Komplete 6

Hints were dropped over the weekend that a big announcement was coming from Native Instruments this week, and it looks like we have at least a partial answer as to what that will be. A retailer (accidentally?) posted this link opening up orders for Kontakt 4.  On further investigation, there are similar links for Guitar Rig 4 and Komplete 6 as well.

What do you think it will include? Anyone have a wishlist for new features?


mangadrive said...

Would rather have a Massive 2

Anonymous said...

All the stuff in Komplete seems so heavily featured already, it's difficult to imagine what they could add to it all. Although I guess anything can be improved...

Please don't tell me it's a Terabyte sample library for Kontakt....

Rob said...

Meh...Komplete 5 had updated Guitar Rig and Kontakt also. I can understand updating Guitar Rig, even though I don't personally use it, as the guitar line is a large addition to their market (much like the DJ line). I'm pretty happy with Kontakt 3.5, kind of doubting much will tempt me to jump to 4. If that is all there is to Komplete 6, I'll probably pass until it gets bundled with some incentive.

Some speculation (which won't matter in a day)...
- Akoustik Piano and Elektrik Piano sample libraries are included in Kontakt 4, so the respective products are discontinued.
- Battery 3 library and functionality included in Kontakt 4, so it too is discontinued (I admit this is a stretch)
- B4 II is discontinued
- Pro 53 is discontinued
- Kore 2 or Kore 3 is included

This would be some heavy konsolidation for NI, leaving the Komplete 6 line up to be:

- Absynth 4
- FM8
- Guitar Rig 4
- Kontakt 4
- Kore 2 (or 3)
- Massive
- Reaktor 5

Crazy? Maybe, maybe not. NI is known for pruning products they no longer support. No talk of 64-bit plug-in support for B4 II or Pro 53 make me think they are on the way out. Battery 3 was 50% off a while back, so I could see that either getting an update or discontinued (which would surprise me).

epiphanius said...

Bring back Spektral Delay!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Spektral Delay return, either...although to be honest I was never able to do anything with it that the Absynth FX section doesn't do better...

Rob - I wondered if they would consolidate the sample line products, too. The pianos getting discontinued in that way makes sense to me. Kontakt and Battery seem like two interfaces for nearly the same thing...maybe they can combine?

The all new Mega-sampler... Kon-takt-tery ....
(I should be in marketing...)

- J

Anonymous said...

Come on Reaktor 6!

Rob said...

Hmm, have not yet seen the update from NI, but looks like Komplete 6 will include Absynth 5, Guitar Rig "Pro" 4, and Kontakt 4.

The following programs are to be discontinued: Akoustik Piano, Elektrik Piano, B4-II, and Pro-53.

The content for Elektrik Piano is to be included in the Kontakt 4 library, and according to a post on Gearslutz the sample content for Akoustik Piano is to be available for purchase at a later date. For B4-II they recommend the organ Kore soundpack as a substitute.

No doubt this is a result of the konsolidation I mentioned. NI is streamlining the product line (one wonders if the staff has been streamlined as well).

I'll wait for the official word, but even at $150 I'm not sure I'll upgrade. I've only used Absynth for the presets and as I mentioned before I don't use Guitar Rig much yet. I kind of feel like I should master what I have to decide whether I NEED the upgrade or just wait for the next iteration.

Surprised there is no Reaktor 6, but again I've barely scratched the surface with Reaktor 5 so I can't complain.

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