Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul Dies

Les Paul, the father of the electric guitar has died of pneumonia at age 94.  If you've ever seen him interviewed, his enthusiasm for music is impossible to miss.  He played live shows right up until the end and never looked happier than when he was playing.  "That's all well and good, but what does this have to do with electronic music?" I can hear you ask.  Les Paul also happened to be the inventor of multi-track recording, an invention that completely changed the face of all music as we know it.


Gregory said...

You are absolutely right Tom...I was fortunate to see him perform two sets in NYC four years ago. After the second set he stayed until everyone who wanted an autograph/picture got one and was gracious and funny the entire time.

We lost a true tinkerer/innovator/seeker today and we should be thankful for his sense of wonder and the drive to see his visions come to fruition.

Okay too deep - sorry...hahahahah

Tom said...

No, no, well put, Gregory! I've only see him play on video, but it was amazing to me that despite moving at the pace you'd expect someone into their 90's to, his fingers were more nimble than most guitar players I know who are much younger.

I think there is a definite sense of joy you can pick up from people like Les Paul and Boob Moog where you can tell there is nothing more they'd rather be doing in the world. That's rare to see, and pretty cool when you do see it.

Anonymous said...

He also invented electronic reverb apparently, and all kinds of other cool stuff.

Also, he was from my state of Wisconsin, so we love him here. He was a studio genius and he was an amazing musician. The Wizard of Waukesha!

@Tom: He played well in the end especially considering arthritis in his hands getting worse and worse.