Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wave Alchemy Launches New Site

Up and coming sample developers Wave Alchemy have launched their own website. Here's what they say you'll find there:

"• Digital Download sample shop
• Buy directly from Wave Alchemy
• Interact with Wave Alchemy Sound Designers
• Sign up for access to over 250MB of high quality free samples taken from our products
•Read what established artists/producers have to say about our products
• Read Industry reviews
• Use our custom built Wave Alchemy mp3 player to listen before you buy
• Right Click save as function for every one of our product demos (listen to the demos on your studio monitors).
• Order with confidence with our secure ordering and payment system through Paypal
• Start Downloading your purchases within 3 min"


Matt Mower said...

Does anyone else get a popup when opening their site and then see a bunch of hosting provider crap wrapped around it?

Steve HEath said...

Hi Matt,

Steve here from Wave Alchemy. Ah sorry about that. If you goto that should sort that out.

Warm regards

Steve Heath

Wave Alchemy

Matt Mower said...

Thanks Steve.

You have a nice site, better without that gubbins!

I especially like the way your player remembers the track list between pages. That's such a bugbear on most sites, kudos to you for getting it right.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for positive comments on the player! we really like it. The next thing to do is upgrade it so it remembers the track time between page navigation! so it doesnt jump back to start when you play the chosen track.

All the best

Steve Heath

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