Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review: Prime Loops Fidget House Grooves

Library: Fidget House Grooves
Download in Ableton, Apple Loops, Akai MPC, and Acidized WAV
House/Fidget House/Electro
Distributed by:
Prime Loops
Audio demos on the product page.

Fidget House Grooves is the latest sample library release from sample developers Prime Loops. It consists of over 200 loops organized into 21 different construction kits. All loops are available in Ableton Live, Apple Loops, Akai MPC, and Acidized WAV files. REX format is conspicuously absent, which seems odd. I mean, I'm a lifetime Mac user, but I've never used an Apple Loop in my life, so it seems like an strange choice over REX. A hearty 'boo' for no REX support.

Each of the collections of 21 different construction kits consist of a both a 'full' rhythm loop, and separate loops that separate out the kick, percussion, and FX so you can build the rhythm up however you choose. Each one also contains a bassline and several complimentary synth lines. You're probably not going to want to build a song using only these samples (it would get pretty repetitive even by dance music standards), but any of them could provide an excellent starting point for a new track. These loops would work well to add an authentic fidget house vibe to any track or remix you're in the middle of working on, too.

Throughout, the programming is very well done, the grooves are sure to get your head bobbing, and the synth lines have the serious quirk factor that defines so much of fidget house - lots of gritty analogs, pumping synths, and snarly riffs abound. The production is also very slick with the appropriate amount of grit and attitude. I did find myself wishing there were some individual non-loop samples as well (drum kits, synth and bass sounds, stabs, etc.), but given how dependent this particular style is on specific production techniques, I guess I can also understand their omission. Still, some drum kits and synth samples would definitely help you get more mileage out of the already strong material that is present here.

So who will find this most useful? I'd guess mostly beginners new to the genre, or perhaps people doing commercial music who might need to create a track in this genre on short notice. Experienced musicians and long-time fidget house boffins will probably want to look elsewhere, but even they will probably find something they like if they don't mind poking around throughout the construction kits. Very nicely done. Let's just have some REX files next time, please. [8/10]

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