Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guns n' Roses Sued by... Ulrich Schnauss? is reporting that Guns n' Roses are being sued for allegedly using unauthorized samples from the songs "A Strangely Isolated Place" and "Wherever You Are" by German ambient musician Ulrich Schnauss. The track in question, "Riad n' the Bedouins" appeared on GnR's recent commercial flop "Chinese Democracy". I personally wouldn't believe that Axl Rose was hip enough to know who Ulrich Schnauss even was, but the article has samples of all three pieces of music and it's pretty much clear as day. Oops.


Anonymous said...

The Washington Post reports that is being sued for posting unauthorized clips of Ulrich Schnauss's "A Strangely Isolated Place" and "Wherever You Are".


dave romero said...

Ulrich Schnauss rocks!

funny saying that in this context, but his stuff is awesome said...

For my part every person ought to go through it.