Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get AAS Ultra Analog VA-1 for $15!

A few weeks ago I posted about offering PSP's excellent Nitro filter for super cheap. Looks like they intend to make the ridiculous deals a regular thing because now you can get Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog VA-1 (normally $200) for a paltry $15. The deal lasts until November 30th.


fractured said...

What a great deal! I was actually going to send a link to you once I bought it yesterday, but by the time you came back, you had posted.

Anonymous said...

I got it last night. For the price, it really is a no brainer. It sounds very nice and is super easy to use and understand. MPS like easy! Easy good!

Atom and Czad said...

Well this sucks. I ordered this last thursday but still haven't gotten a download link or serial number. It's supposed to be electronic delivery right? Oh well I just sent them an email... we'll see.

Mike - Samplebase said...

If your serial number is taking more than 4 days to arrive:

The email states that it can take up to 4 days. This is due to the need to verify the validity of the credit card and accounts for the possibility of weekend purchases or purchases during holidays. Also, please check your junk mail folder as there have been reports that the serial numbers ended up there.

If you do not receive your serial number within 4 days, please contact AudioMIDI:

1+(818) 993-0772
Toll Free in the US: 1-866-283-4601
Office hours are Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) from 8am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time.

Make sure you have your invoice number handy.

Please note: You can still install and use the Ultra Analog for up to 15 days in fully operational mode before you need to authorize it. Please contact AUDIOMIDI only if you have not received your serial number within 4 days.

Atom and Czad said...

Thanks Mike. I actually received the serial number today. I would go ahead and install it, but I can't, as I haven't received a download link. The email with the serial number said I should've already gotten the download link in a previous email, but no luck there. I already replied to the email. I also checked the order status page and under downloads it said the item has not been validated.

Maybe I'm just being too hasty. I placed my order early last Thursday.

statik said...

More free stuff! Really!

statik said...

@Atom and Czad: There's a tiny link in your invoice screen that links to a PDF. In it, you can find the download links.

Atom and Czad said...

Believe me I've gone over my invoice several times. Nothing but links to and to my order status page. No download links, and no links to a PDF with a download link.

statik said...

@Atom and Czad: try these

Mac OSX download link:

Windows Xp/Vista download link:

Ultra Analog User Guide

Atom and Czad said...

Thanks Statik, but I already received a reply email from audiomidi with the links earlier today. Thanks for the help though, I really appreciate it.

A great little synth for just $15.

Anonymous said...

The download links do not work at all. They do have a demo link on their site. I hope to get a serial number soon. It really shouldn't take four days.