Friday, October 16, 2009

Open Thread Friday: Plug Yourself!

I'm a little burned out from spending the past two weeks shipping out pre-orders for the new album, so I'm copping out today. Reply to this thread to plug your music, blog, website, cool software project, or whatever!

We'll have some more Free Sample Fridays coming up soon, too!


Anonyymi Herrasmies said...

Finnish electro-industrial.

Steve said...

Ohh plug mode initiated:::>>>

Experimental sound design libraries.

My record label and sound design company.

I am having a clearance sale on all my Electronic Critters DVD's at the moment as I am going digital only so you can grab your self a major bargain.



Cant wait to hear the new A23 album :-)

Unknown said...

You asked for it! :)

My (dutch) website can be found at

Ruff Rhythmz started out as a (drum and bass) radio show, but now it is a blog-ish website that gives the occassional mix out in a very wide spectrum of genre's.

Them mixes are done by myself or one of two other DJs.

Besided this, i am learning to make music i like :) Not much stuff on the site on that dept. save a triplet of remixes of Depeche Mode's "I Feel Loved".

(BTW: Thanks for the tip on the AAS VA-1, bought it and i'm quite happy with it!)

echotone said...

Hard to define a genre for what we do, have a listen and let us know what you think-:)

great Blog btw, it has become a daily read for me.


Anonymous said...

I have no website, so I will be unable to plug myself.

Anonymous said...

i'm just a lurker with music hobby, but since you asked...

i started following yr blog cuz of free sample fridays (which are great, btw) and have become a fan of the whole site. and that was even before i realized you were behind assemblage 23!

Anonymous said...

Scottish industrial/EBM

Anu said...

Most of my music is available at alonetone:

Anu (synth/rock):

Captain Kirk (ambient):

I have a blog about music and technology at

My alter ego Sid Luscious and his 80s band can be found at

Sid's a failed 80s pop star who writes about band life. He's also got reissues of his 1984 masterpiece up at CDBaby

Anonymous said...

I don't have a website either, but MPS is awsome!

fixate said...

here we go. Not sure what to define my music as, elements of idm, d&b, industrial, etc.

got an EP coming in the near horizon, free to download

Circuit 23 said...

my site is

it's American experimental industrial, or at least that's the closest genre definition i can come up with.

100% free, always

line of control said...

my music is amateurish and unreleased...but it's no worse than most of the autotuned dross you hear on the radio these days...

Mike said...

I built a PAiA 9700s

Then I used it to make a cover of the theme music from Fulci's "Zombie" aka "Zombi 2."

Unknown said...

currently working on my debut

rayzr said...
(in development)

My Electronic Meat Projections

thedi said...

My 2 projects:


13th Monkey:

meatlog said...

digital modular synthesizers:

now go eat some shit!

Robert said...

My industrial assemblage sculpture:

one of my music projects:

D Smootz said...

Synthpop...slowly working on enough/consistent songs to perform/make an album: