Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cool Homemade Poly Synth

I must've missed when it was first posted a couple of weeks ago on Vintage Synth Explorer, so apologies if this already made the rounds, but this a home made poly synth made by someone in Poland who is much smarter than you and I.

Features include:

"- 5 voices
- 2xVCO per voice
- 3xEG per voice (hardwired to pitch, cutoff and volume)
- 3xLFO (pitch, cutoff and PWM)
- Moog ladder VCF
- Noise source
- Ring Modulator
- Patch memory (128 user patches)
- Mono mode with selectable note priority (High/Low) and triggering (single/multi) and with portamento
- unison with adjustable detuning
VCO A offers sawtooth, square and triangle. VCO B offers sawtooth and square waves. Having triangle wave available is essential if you want to obtain some nice fm-like sounds from RingMod.

It's built using only standard off-the-shelf components - no CEM or SSM or similar chips inside - only typical opamps, switches, transistors etc.

Case (together with keyboard) was salvaged from some crappy 70's combo organ."

Read more about it in the original thread...

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