Friday, June 19, 2009

I Might Need This

(From a story originally posted on Synthtopia):

I'm a big fan of the films of the Coen Brothers. Granted, they haven't been at the top of their game for many years now, but when they were, they made some of my favorite movies of all time. One of those movies is The Big Lebowski.

Fans of that movie may already recognize the significance of this t-shirt, but if you don't, "Autobahn" was a fictional, Kraftwerk-like band one of the Nihilists was supposed to be in in the 80's. The fact that someone went out of their way to design and print a t-shirt for a fictional band that is only mentioned in passing in a movie makes me very happy.



John Carroll said...

"I can get you a toe, Dude!"

Bruce Bonjovi said...

If it's fake band t-shirts you want, it's fake band t-shirts you get:

"My love is like a ticking clock..."