Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Softsynth Modelled on EMS VCS3

Newcomer software company Xils Lab has introduced a new analog styled softsynth called the Xils-3 for Mac and PC seemingly taking its inspiration from the classic EMS VCS3. Here's what they have to say:

"The XILS 3 is an exciting new matrix style virtual modular synthesizer. Based on the architecture of the legendary EMS VCS3 synth, the XILS 3 is capable of creating
both 'classic' sounds and totally new ones.

The XILS 3's matrix design is capable of more than 450 connection permutations, offering more routing possibilities than any other commercially available virtual synthesizer.

In addition, a built-in sequencer, based on the EMS 256 sequencer, can be used to create original and complex sequences.

The XILS 3 comes with hundreds of presets that provide instant access to a broad range of sounds and styles ranging from modern electronica to classic 1970s retro and experimental.
You can also program it yourself to create your own unique sounds!

The XILS 3 will be available soon ..."

Audio demos are available on the Xils Labs page.


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