Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Music Instinct: Science & Song

I caught this last night, and since it will be airing throughout June, I thought I would share it here. The Music Instinct: Science & Song explores the hows and whys of music from why some pieces of music can move us to tears to the connection between language and music to the way the brain and ear work together in ways specifically tuned for music to music in the animal world. Really well done and interesting if you're into this sort of thing. Check your local listings, as there should be future airings.


statik said...

Interesting, hope I can find that somewhere (no PBS in The Netherlands). Daniel Levetin is one of the researchers i found out. He wrote a couple of books, "This is Your Brain on Music" is a must-read.

Tom said...

Agreed Statik, I really enjoyed that book.

Anu said...

I saw most of it in my hotel last night. Not bad, good for the layperson.

Some interesting but not surprising things about how music changes the brain.

In other words, what you choose to listen to does affect your brain. Choose wisely!