Wednesday, June 17, 2009

X Marks the Spot

In theatre and in films, directors often use bits of criss-crossed duct tape on the floor to indicate a specific location where an actor needs to stand or walk to. It helps create consistency in between shots since scenes are usually made up of several different shots interspliced to look like a single, continuous one.

This can actually be useful when you're recording vocals. When most producers cut a vocal, they edit together a composite 'perfect' take out of the best bits of several different takes. Much like in a film, consistency is key here, as if the tone and volume are inconsistent in between takes, it makes it harder to make these composite bits sound like a convincing, single take. Since the distance you stand from the mic can greatly influence the sound of your vocal recordings, it can be helpful to mark where you're standing while recording so if you need to leave the location to operate the controls of your DAW or fiddle with other settings, you can easily position yourself in the correct location every time you come back and insure a consistent sound between takes when you build your composite.

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