Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things Might Be Quieter Than Usual

What a Monday I had. I'll spare you the long list of things that went wrong all at once and stick to the one that may have some effect on this blog for a little while. Basically, my studio computer died. I'm pretty sure it's just a power supply that needs to be replaced. My single and what I have finished of my next album is backed up, so that's not a big deal, but unfortunately, the repair place is so swamped with work that it might be two weeks before I get it back. That is a great big bag of suck.

Anyway, I hope to keep things up with the blog on my laptop, but since it isn't set up the same as my studio computer, tutorials and stuff aren't quite as easily done, so things may not be as updated as often as usual. I do have some reviews I need to get to and hope not to miss too many days, but just so you know, it might be a possibility. I'm sure you'll all live. ; )

Here's hoping the rest of the week is a bit less... eventful.


Anonymous said...

Oi! No good. This will take some fun out of slacking off at work

Donation for repair sent. Hope you get up and running again soon!


audiate said...

Hope the dual G5 gets fixed. After all, we have probably the same model so I want them all to last for years to come. :)