Monday, April 13, 2009

Roland MKS-80 with Programmer on Ebay

"For sale is one Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter (rev 5) with MPG-80 programmer. This is an awesome analog synth powerhouse, I am only selling because of the taxman! This is basically a Jupiter-6 in a rack with velocity sensitivity and 8 voices of polyphony. This is an absolutely perfect condition synth I would rate a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. There are virtually no scratches or scuffs on it anywhere, and the controller is perfect too! The sound is incredible for basses and strings. This may be one of the best synths ever for analog strings. Add a touch of reverb and you're all set for a really polished professional sound. Having the controller with it makes it a nearly perfect synth and extremely creative for sound design and sound creation. It comes with XLR outputs and is extremely quiet and tunes quickly (less than a second)."

More info at the listing...


Tom said...

I've had both revisions side by side with a cartridge for comparing patches and anyone interested in the mks-80 should NOT but a rev 5. It sounds just like the polished sound of any modern virtual analog. The revision 4 is the on people should look for. It hasa much warmer, dirtier, and more analog (yes, I know they are both analog) sound.

-Tom N

Tom said...

Thanks for the tip, Tom N!