Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One for the Analog Freaks: New T.H.D. Album and Free EP Available Now!

I am happy to announce 2 new releases from 90's industrial act T.H.D. on my label 23db Records. These releases represent the first new material from the act in nearly 10 years!

Aside from being excellent releases in their own right, these may be of interest to my fellow vintage synth freaks out there, as T.H.D. have a drool-worthy studio packed with analog synths, vintage drum machines, and old school lofi samplers.

Still not convinced? Then
download the absolutely free 10-track EP "Subconscious Drip" and hear for yourself. (If you like what you hear, the EP is also available for purchase for those who want to show the extra bit of fan support...).

Both "Subconscious Drip" and the full-length album "The Evolution of Our Decay" are available through finer digital music retailers everywhere including iTunes, iTunes Canada, iTunes Europe/UK, iTunes Australia/NZ, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Napster, Shockhound, Lala, and Amie Street.

Buy "Subconscious Drip" on iTunes.

Buy "The Evolution of Our Decay" on iTunes.


visitour said...

itunes only?

there must/should be another way to show support

Tom said...

It's available through a whole number of digital retailers as listed there. I just have the links directly to iTunes because they're the only ones with an affiliate program.

visitour said...


I should have kept reading

i'll find the one that uses paypal

visitour said...



Tom said...

Haha... no worries...