Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sign Up for the Assemblage 23 Newsletter

If any of you reading this happen to be fans of my band Assemblage 23, please feel free to sign up for the new Assemblage 23 e-mail newsletter. I'm not sure how regularly they will go out, but I promise you're not going to get spammed into oblivion.

To sign up, visit the Assemblage 23 website and enter your email in the form provided at the top of the 'NEWS" page. Note that you will have to click a confirmation link that will be sent to your email. This will be coming from MadMimi, the company I am using for this, and doesn't mention A23 specifically, so just be on the lookout for it to pop in your in box once you've entered your email.


Rico said...

I'm not seeing any form...are you saying it should be right beneath the "contact" link?

Tom said...

I moved it to the top of the news page. I forget sometimes that I have a huge monitor and that most people reading the site probably don't. Hope that makes it easier!

Felipe Boreli said...

Done. ;)