Friday, March 27, 2009

Can We Have a Moratorium on Jordan Rudess Endorsements, Please?

So in my daily stroll through other music blogs today, I see Rudess is now endorsing some iPhone music program now. ENOUGH.

I get it. Rudess is an incredibly skilled musician. He can play things in his sleep that I could only dream of playing after months of practice. I respect that. I think the music he chooses to play, like most prog-rock, is unlistenable and a complete waste of his talent, but different strokes for different folks.

However... this guy endorses everything that makes a god damn sound. I don't understand what companies are hoping to acheive by having him give thumbs up to their products. After a certain point, do they not see how meaningless a Rudess endorsement is? He's like the opposite of Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials - he likes EVERYTHING.

Before Rudess, BT seemed to be the endorser of choice, and it got equally ridiculous. Paying a famous person to say your product is good doesn't make it good. Just make good products and let them speak for themselves. I'm BEGGING you.

[/cranky rant]


nulldevice said...

It's funny, I was just listening to a SonicState podcast where one of the guys was saying almost exactly the same thing.

One of the other guys pointed out that he probably has so much useless downtime on tour that he has nothign better to do than play with someone else's gear and get paid for it.

Steveiw Wonder used to be the endorser of choice. before him, Rick Wakeman. Into every generation an Endorser is born.

Graham English said...

LOL Couldn't agree more!

Bob's Country Bunker said...

Cagematch! Rudes v. BT

It is the only solution

hapbt said...

he also looks like a girl
just my 2 cents

Tom said...

Good idea, Bob!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I have bought a few videos off macprovideo (when they are 50% off only, of course) and I was flabbergasted to see JR endorsing Steve H's Tips N Tricks series. I thought, "Doesn't Jordan Rudess have studio engineers working for him so that he never even has to look at a computer screen!?!"

It was a great 6-hour tutorial (as Jordan promised) but I thought, after seeing his review of the Tenori-On in Keyboard (which seemed like it should be fantastically beneath him), what a whore!

In terms of endorsements, I have to say even though I haven't been able to stand NIN since And All That Could Have Been/Still, I still respect the fact that Trent only gives out, seemingly, one endorsement, Sound Toys. And you know what, b/c of that being the only one, I actually checked their shit out and it's good. I haven't bought it yet but I just might and I never even would have looked if he were also praising Waves and the UAD-2 and whatever else.

-Tom N

mangadrive said...

Cagematch! Rudes v. BT

the winner can fight Junkie XL?

Anonymous said...


If I had people throwing money at me like that I would totally take it though.

cl516 said...

honestly, i had never heard of him until all these product endorsements.

Shok said...

I had and still have a K2500RS and he was on all of the videos they would release and I would see him at the NAMM shows!


btw, this is Shok... hope you have been well!

I suppose it was a year ago when we last saw each other at that goth.. black sun festival in CT.

I think We (Zombie Girl) were coming off stage as you were coming on to it.