Monday, March 16, 2009

A Few That Fell Between the Cracks...

Here's a few stories I missed last week, and maybe you did too...

• Rusty Trombone Released Erectifier.
Delicately-named programmer Rusty Trombone has released the free Erectifier plug in for both Windows and OSX in VST format. It offers a variety of controls for doing everything from subtle phattening to full-fledged sonic dementia.

• TOGU Audio Line Released TAL-Tilt-EQ.
Purveyors of awesome free plug-ins TOGU Audio Line has released TAL-TiltEq, for both Windows and OSX which they say is aimed at allowing the user to easily change the over all tone of a track without too much coloration. At the moment, they've taken the plug-in down, as another company raised a copyright concern over the name, but expect it to be back with a new one soon.

• SMP Pro Audio Released VFX Mac Public Beta.
The creators of the V-Machine hardware VST player have announced the public beta for VFX Mac, a program that will allow Mac users to use Windows VST instruments and apparently without need for the V-Machine. Peter Kirn has a nice write-up about it on Create Digital Music. You can also see a YouTube demonstation of the software in action here.

Any other interesting stuff you guys have seen that I might have missed?

UPDATE: Reader Visitour mentioned that Audio Damage has released their BigSeq 2 plug-in. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

how about BigSeq2

Anonymous said...

Seconding BigSeq2, great product.