Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poll Shows Young People Prefer the Compressed Sound of MP3's Versus Uncompressed Music

Oh, this does not bode well at all.

According to
an article on Gizmodo, a professor of Music at Stanford conducts a yearly survey to students where he plays back music in various formats to find what the students preferences were. After 6 years of studying, the results showed that the students actually preferred the sound of crappy quality MP3's (a bit rate of 128, for example) over the original, uncompressed audio or even the other MP3's at higher rates.

I don't know what this means for the future of music, but it's nothing good, that much is sure.


Seamus said...

Come on... what, really?
That's depressing as hell.

visitour said...

that just sounds alarmist to me.

anyway it's an "informal test" so fluck that!

Artek said...

Oh come on! This is just a fetishism of lo-fi retro sampling technology. Has no one else noticed how the sound of crappy sampling is getting popular again? The sound of compression is also quite popular. It's a phase things will swing back. Calm down. Turn off the air raid siren.

Atom and Czad said...

I can't say I like it much either, but compressed MP3's are just what kids are used to these days. It's the same way that older people prefer the sound of old fashioned records playing as opposed to higher quality digital sound. The flaws or imperfections are part of the experience for such people.

And just as the bad quality of those records didn't affect the quality of future recordings... neither will this.

At least I hope not.
Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It makes some sense, as the kiddies seem to have those things plugged in their ear pockets 80% of the time. They would be accustomed to the compressed song, so an uncompressed song would sound wrong, or off and not be as enjoyable to them.

Personally, having grown up with tapes, vinyl, and CDs, I have a very hard time listening to mp3s in any format. I'll use the iPod on long road trips loaded with maybe 6 albums with minimum compression.

Sometimes I carry a few tapes with me loaded with original NES tracks, just in case I get to compressed. (GEEEK!!)


Anonymous said...

Ooops +1 Atom and Czad


visitour said...

I don't know about the arguments "what kids are used to these days" and "an uncompressed song would sound wrong, or off and not be as enjoyable to them"

I grew up on vinyl but I prefer wav as well as mp3 (VBR) to vinyl.

when CDs started getting popular in the early/mid 80s I thought we were on the right track

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