Friday, March 13, 2009

Dirt Cheap Ensoniq ESQ-1 on Ebay

The Ensoniq ESQ-1 was a synth that had digital oscillators, but analog filters and it can sound amazingly warm for a digital synth. This is a really underrated machine, and this guy is selling his for only $100. The flaws are, the internal battery is dead (so it won't retain new patches you write to it, but that's what SYS-EX is can also have it replaced if you like...) and there is a chip on the bottom 'C' key. This is an absolute steal...

I've got nothing to do with the auction, but as someone who has owned 2 SQ-80's (an expanded ESQ-1) and an ESQ-1, I know this will make someone out there happy for such a cheap price.

More info at the listing...


colleen said...

Hey Tom- I have an Ensoniq ESQ-1 with one cartridge- and I'd like to get rid of it. Is there a better place than ebay for this? And, what should I be pricing it at?

Feel free to email me at colleentheresa[at]

rob said...

I would like an ensoniq ESQM - module if anyone has one that they would sell.



colleen said...

Rob- we want to get rid of ours. How much do you want to pay?

Kyle Weiss said...

Happy to discuss finding homes for anyone's Ensoniqs, can't pay much but will pay shipping! Email me.


colleen said...


hard to do without an email address.

shoot me an email (mine is listed above)


Kyle Weiss said...


Silly Blogger! I figure it would have attached it to the hotlinked name or something, since it asked me to input the address... One day I'll learn.


Simon Chate said...

Hi folks, anybody there got any old Ensoniq Esq 1 cartridges they don't want anymore. I'm keen if you are!