Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: Loopmasters Deep, Tech, & Minimal House

Library: Loopmasters Deep, Tech & Minimal House
Format: Available as download or DVD.
Genre: That'd be Deep, Tech & Minimal House
Distributed by: Loopmasters
Price: DVD (with instant download too, so you don't have to wait)£39.95, download £34.95
Demo: Audio demos on the product page.

Today I'll be taking a look at one of the latest sample libraries from Loopmasters: Deep, Tech, & Minimal House. The title pretty much tells you all you need to know about what's on offer here - a ton of loops, percussion, stabs, and basses specially designed for use in the techier, futuristic side of house. Altogether, there is 1.2 GB of original content offered in just about every format known to man. Seriously, if you've got a soft-sampler, there is an option for you. Just load up the finished patches in your preferred format, and you're up and making music right away. I really wish more sample libraries did this. I think if you have to interrupt you music making to take the time to map out the instruments yourself, it sometimes counteracts the creative spark libraries like this are meant to provide. Oh, and all the source files are 24-bit.

Overall, this library gives you everything you need to make convincing sounding tracks in the tech styles incredibly fast. In addition to a large selection of standard drum loops and glitched drum loops, there are a variety of bass loops, lead loops, chord & sequence loops, and a few vocal loops. The key of each musical loop is listed in the track name, so it's very quick and easy to mix and match elements. The drum loops all contain multiple, very useful variations of each beat, allowing you to build a complete rhythm track for your song entirely out of loops should you wish to. The sound quality is great and amazingly consistent, which means all the loops compliment each other and work together effortlessly. It's also worth noting that the sounds and sequences all sound very current and up-to-date and that the melodic loops were actually quite good. With most sample libraries I've tried, no matter how good the other content is, the musical loops always seem to lack something. This is happily not the case here and the musical bits ooze authenticity.

If using loops isn't your thing, there is also a variety of drum sounds, bass sounds, pads, heavily effected vocals, stabs, and other sounds for making your own. The quality here is consistent with that of the loops - fantastic! The drum sounds in particular are very nicely produced and mesh together very nicely.

Honestly, I really can't find anything to fault with this collection. The sound quality is superb, the loops are convincing, and the individual sounds are as excellent as they are abundant. If you do any sort of futuristic house, this could be provide some great inspiration, but I could see this also appealing to people who do any sort of funky IDM, techno, or even industrial types looking to add some Haujobb-y type sounds to their mixes. I'm giving this one a 10/10.

Here's a quick demo I threw together in about 20 minutes using their loops. Tracks are coming straight out of Stylus RMX with no additional effects, EQ, or compression, just the loops as they come


Anonymous said...


If you liked the package loop stuff you should goto and check that out ... you can listen to samples of the loops as well as download the vsti or stand alone package .. they even provide you with a sample kit to get started making music ...

Tom said...

If they want to send me some NFR copies of their stuff, I'd be happy to look at it.

Anonymous said...

Drop me and email Tom I have some NFR copies you may be interested in.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Does anyone know who actually produced the loops? Id like to get in contact with them.

Drum Loops said...

Always enjoy reading reviews of packs and samples, because for quite a few of the audio files I'm not 100% sure of what exactly I'd be getting. Good job Tom!