Thursday, January 14, 2010

NAMM First Day Round-up

I haven't forgotten about NAMM starting today.  I just figured so many other bloggers have been doing a fine job of covering the breaking news that there was little point for me to add to that.  So I'll just share what I found interesting at the end of each day.  

These might be short posts if the first day is anything to go by.

Akai announced the APC20, a cheaper, scaled-down version of their flagship APC40 controller.  Like its predecessor, it's a grid controller aimed specifically at controlling Ableton Live.  I'm not an Ableton user, but I like the idea of these controllers a lot.

Access announced version 4 of the Virus TI operating system.  The update is free to registered users and gives you numerous new "stomp box" type distortion effects, a speaker cabinet simulator, new comb and vowel filter effects, and an interesting "arp to mod matrix" feature that allows you to use arp patterns as modulation sources for rhythmic modulations.

Korg released a beefed-up version of their Kaoscillator called the Kaoscillator Pro.  It adds a number of features such as 4 loop recorders, a gated arpeggiator, SD card storage and more.  I couldn't get a good look at it, but it looked to me like it still uses RCA outputs.  That seems a bit odd for a 'pro' product.

That's really all I found interesting and frankly, most of it is kind of 'meh'.  Did I miss anything you thought was really cool?


Steve said...

Moog has added an integrated synth pickup (RMC?) to their E-1 guitar.

c3400 said...

also the new dsi mopho keyboard is niiice, however I would have liked to see a tetr4 keyboard instead.