Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hollowsun Releases Hammond Novachord Sample Library

If you've been following any of the electronic music blogs lately, you're probably aware that sample developers Hollowsun have been working on a sample library of sounds from a recently restored Hammond Novachord.  What is the Novachord?  Simply put, it was the first polyphonic synthesizer and it came out in the 1930's.  It has a wonderfully spooky sound to it - I get a very "Portishead" kind of vibe from it.

Anyway, after lots of hard work, the library is now available in Kontakt 3 format.  Demos on the page.


Seamus said...

Those previews are absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

Fredde said...

Sounds absolutely marvelous! $160 was somewhat expensive, but I can believe they put some serious money in restoring that lovely thing.

MPS said...

The price is totally in the ball park of other sample sets from rare or unusual sources. Tonehammer comes to mind.

Hollow Sun specializes in sample sets that are like having the real thing setting in front of you. Well worth the price to bring this 70 year old monster keyboard back to life.

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