Friday, January 8, 2010

Free Sample Friday: Lasers & Thips

Yet another weekend is upon us, so here are some more free samples to get you off to a good start. Today we have 16 Kraftwerkian lasers, thips, and bloops saved as 24-bit/44/1k WAV files.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE lose the Star Wars black background with the white font. It is HELL on your readers' eyes. No respectable blog uses this color scheme. I won't come back until you change to a white background with black text.

Tom said...

But if you don't come back, how will you know if I changed it or not?

And since when have I ever claimed to be 'respectable'?

Anonymous said...

Great little sample set :-) I'm a sucker for zilps , zapps and all kinds of analog Reso-percussion.
Looking forward to tinker with them this weekend.

Thanx for sharing and all the best from denmark,