Monday, September 14, 2009

Problem with OS 10.6.1 and Focusrite Liquid Mix

Just a note for any Focusrite Liquid Mix users out there using Snow Leopard - DON'T update to the Mac OS 10.6.1 revision. This is a small revision anyway, apparently to fix some Quicktime problems, but it also doesn't get along with the Liquid Mix. I was able to get it back again by downgrading to 10.6, but it took a lot of messing around.

This is apparently a known issue that Focusrite is working on.


Seamus said...

You really are having a fantastic time with your gear right now, aren't you?
Eitherway, sad to hear you're having so much trouble with things as of recent :( Hope it all works itself out!

Steve said...

I'll say it yet again- Time Machine! While it can take hours and hours to restore, it's backups can really save you in cases like this.

Tom said...

@Seamus - Tell me about it. I'm just glad all this nonsense waited until my album was done. Still no picnic to deal with in planning a tour, but manageable.

@Steve - I definitely intend to go that route once I get some dedicated drives for backup.

fractured said...

I have found a combination of Time Machine and Super Duper to be ideal. I have a Time Machine backup that protects against accidental deletion of files, or changes to programs, plugins, OS updates and such. It allows me protection from subtle issues that I don't necessarily notice immediately. I use Super Duper to create a bootable drive from which I can get right back to work if my drive suffers a catastrophic failure or my machine is stolen. The smart backup makes my daily backup take very little time, and I might lose less than a day of work.

I quite like this setup as I feel quite safe from most issues that a dead drive or a software problem might cause.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for confirming that for me! Me and my bro have been racking our brains as to what has been causing our computer to kernal panic and crash! We turned liquid mix off and it is fine. We are using snow leopard 10.6.8 do you know if focusrite has written a software update for the liquid mix... Would rather not downgrade a few steps.