Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing Hooky

I was poking around online and came across this interesting thread about Peter Hook's (if you don't know which bands he was in, you probably won't care...) distinctive bass tone and how it's achieved.  Although I think it leaves out the vital tip that it won't sound the same unless you sling your bass so low that it's bouncing off your shins.


Steve said...

Ubergeek Hook fan comment #1- Peter Hook has at least 2 of the custom built basses like the one in the picture- the headstocks read HOT and HOT 2. One of them (HOT 2?) has had the neck pickup removed and the hole covered with black electrical tape.

Ubergeek Hook fan comment #2- Peter Hook has also used an all black Gibson Thunderbird bass live. The only time I've seen him with it has been on Top of the Pops where he mimed to "Here to stay", so it's possible that it was simply a one off rental/prop.

Steve said...

Oops...The second HOT bass is actually labeled HOT 1 on the headstock.