Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Octave Plateau Voyetra 8 on Ebay

Most famously used by New Order and my friend Steve.


Steve said...

Woo-hoo...finally some recognition from this blog :).

Random comments:

* My Voyetra was supposed to be an Xpander. I had agreed to buy an Xpander from a former coworker of mine. When I went to pick it up, I found out that he had sold it out from under me. I was annoyed until I found out that it was sold to Mike Garson (David Bowie's keyboard player) and that a condition of the sale was that Mike had to pick the Xpander up himself (which he did). To make amends, my coworker sold me the Voyetra (with matching keyboard) for the same $850 I had agreed to pay for the Xpander.

* The seller notes that Peter Lanzilotta serviced this unit. Peter is an original Voyetra employee and is *the guy* to have work on Voyetra's. He's worked on mine as well and I've met him in his shop- great work and a great guy.

* When I was in Peter's shop, 3 of New Order's V8s were actually there being serviced. Sadly, there was no sign of Gillian while I was there.

* Both my coworker and Peter stated that my V8 had been previously owned by The Fixx, but I've never seen mention or pictures of them actually having recorded with it or used it live. The external keyboard that came with mine is badly beat up, so someone did gig hard with it.

* The seller lists this unit as a "rev 4". I'm not entirely sure that this is accurate or meaningful. Talking with Peter several years ago he mentioned most V8's have some degree of factory "Frankensteining" that happened to them due to engineering changes, after purchase service, and Voyetra's cash flow problems where they cobbled together whatever they had availible (case and point- this unit has later revision PCBs, but earlier revision XLR MIDI jacks).

Vic Stathopoulos said...

Voyetra 8 was a 1980's synth that I used to dream about because I knew Dave Stewart from Eurythmics used it and I heard it was used on the Eurythmics 1984 albumn which has some unique synthy sounds on it.

Vic Stathopoulos

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