Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ensoniq SQ-80 on Ebay

Man, I can't believe the prices I've seen these going for lately. Don't get me wrong, it's a great synth, but I bought both an ESQ-1 and later an SQ-80 and didn't pay more than $150 for either. It's kind of funny to see different pieces of gear rise and fall in price as different things become 'cool'.
Anyway, this one is definitely cool.

Info at link...


Mike-Synth said...

Have you ever formatted a blank floppy for the SQ80?
If so, How do you do it?

Where can I get the other patch disks that came with the SQ80.

Haha I've had that synth for more than 4yrs and everytime i sit down with it I can create these wicked patches but cant seem to save them :-(
I bought it from some guy trying to sell it a guitar center.... but it only came with one of the patch disks.

I love the filters on this machine!

Tom said...

Mike - Mine isn't fired up right now, but I think under the STORAGE/DISK button you should find the option to format a disk, as well as to save banks and sequences.

No idea where you can get the original patches, but have a look at a company called Syntaur... they carry a lot of 'obsolete' Ensoniq stuff...