Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Sample Friday: Metallic Hits

As a thanks to my readers, here are 30 metal hits all coming from the unlikely source of one of those gift tins of popcorn people give each other at the holidays. When emptied, it actually had a pretty nice sound to it. I hit it with both my hand and a drum stick, both with the lid on and off. Most are straight hits, but when I was shuffling stuff around in my hands I'd occasionally get some kind of interesting rhythms, so there are a couple of those in there too just waiting to be warped and synced in Live (or Logic 9).

All samples are 24-bit/44.1k mono WAV files. Total download size is about 7 MB.


mangadrive said...

Wal-mart metal trash can. Responsible for many sounds on my new album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom!


digital lofi said...

Very cool. I have all kinds of crap kicking around my studio that I'm meaning to sample but I never seem to get around to it.

Steve said...


Joshua said...

Alright Tom, danke!

Can't wait to hear the A23 remix of "Tanz debil" ;)