Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Resources for the Oberheim Matrix-6/6R/1000

I'm not one to gloat. But seriously, for the past 25+ years, it seems like virtually all my gearhead friends have found some ridiculous deal on a nice piece of gear, while in my usual search for cool, old gear, I never find anything at a good price. But last week, I managed to pick up an Oberheim Matrix-6R for $80. So you'll excuse me if I finally gloat.

Anyway, in the interest of doing something more than gloating like a douchebag, I thought I would take this opportunity to gather some helpful links related to the Oberheim Matrix-6/6R/1000...

• For some reason, a lot of synth manufacturers during the mid-late 80's decided it would be a good idea to include their parameter and programming values printed on top of their rack gear. Of course, once you place it in a rack or put another piece of gear on top of it, you can no longer remember which parameter is which. So
here is a print-out of the parameters for an Oberheim Matrix6/6R/1000.

Here are the original factory presets originally loadable via the cassette interface, saved as a WAV file.

• Download the manual

• I haven't tried this yet, but
here is a computer-based editor for these synths for OSX users....


bobby said...

...i suggest:

includes the 800 Matrix-1000 factory presets, as well

Matrix was my primary synth for years (I used to have two!). I still use it occasionally. Hit me up if you want service manual, schematics.

Anonymous said...

After 25 years you have earned full rights to DB gloating. Congrats to you.


Philbillie said...

I have one too although it cost considerably more. It has no output from the right rear jack and I am hoping to god it's just a bad solder joint or op-amp and not the voice board. I have downloaded the user manual, but really need a schematic for this. Any resources for this?

JNS said...

Philbillie, I have the same problem, but can find a schematic for the output circuitry. I can find a lot of schematics for the different sections, but not output. If you still get sound from both channels of your headphone output like I do then the problem should not be the voice board.


Jack T. said...

I bought a keyboard version of matrix 6 for 50€.

Since this was for gloating... =)

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René said...

@Philbillie and JNS,
the right channel from the Matrix 6
and Matrix 6R has no Output!
Only if you've programmed it in the MASTER EDIT page,
number 56 STEREO OUTPUT.
And then only, when in SPLIT mode and UPPER patch.
See in the Manual Matrix 6R on page 86 (56 STEREO).