Friday, July 24, 2009

Initial Thoughts on the New Logic

So, yesterday Apple casually released version 9 of Logic. There's not a whole ton of info out just yet, but here are some initial thoughts based on what I've seen.

• It seems unclear whether it will require an Intel processor or not. The tech specs page on the Apple website say an Intel processor is required to 'install all apps'. That
could mean that perhaps some of the apps could run on a PPC. I've heard rumors that the installers are Universal Binaries, but until I see something definitive, I think it's best to treat those only as rumors. I'd say if PPC is supported, it won't be for long (aka when Snow Leopard comes), though, so it's probably best for those of us with older computers to start saving for an upgrade. (A shame, as my 5-year old G5 still works great and does everything I need it to.) UPDATE: Logic 9 DOES work on PPC's for now, it just isn't supported by Apple. PPC users will likely be locked out once Snow Leopard arrives, but at least they can get a taste of the Logic 9 action in the meantime.

• The full user manual is not online yet, but you can have a look at:

The Installation Guide
Exploring Logic 9
Exploring Mainstage 2
UPDATE: The full User Manual is up now.

• If you JUST bought Logic 8 and are hoping for a free or discounted upgrade, apparently you are S.O.L. Apple has said those users will have to buy the new version at the full upgrade price.

• So far there has been no mention if the new version fixes any of the annoying bugs that have been driving Logic 8 users batty for the past couple of years. Here's hoping the 'buffer burps' and 'processor overload' bugs are gone and we get back to the stability Logic 7 offered.

• Featureswise, I am a little underwhelmed, to be honest. Granted, Logic is already a great program, but this update seems a bit light on new features compared to what a huge step forward Logic 8 was from 7. The main new features include Ableton-like elastic audio capabilities, easy drum sound replacement, bounce-in-place, New Amp Designer & Pedalboard effects, the ability to turn any region into a sampler instrument, & Track Notes to allow you to keep notes regarding a specific session or project. These are nice additions, to be sure, but only two new effects plug-ins? No new instruments? Again, Logic's built-in instruments have actually held up remarkably well for how old they are, but come on, Apple, surely you can come up with something cool and new. Perhaps I'm spoiled, but I just expected more.

• I see Apple is still pushing Apple Loops. Please, just let it die. The format sucks and REX2 is too widespread already. It's like trying to introduce the Zune when the iPod already dominates the market.

So what do you think so far?


k. said...

Bounce in place finally arrived !
I think it is a great update including mainstage 2 !

We can all complain that this should be a 8.5 update.. but flex, guitar amp, mainstage 2, selective track import, drumreplace,bounce in place, convert to sampler track,... these are very good additions.
And with PT8 they did not complain.
Good job, hopefully the small weird mixing and GUI bugs are gone.

aL said...

Sometimes I think new versions are nothing more than marketing gimmicks. I hope Logic is better about this than, say, Cakewalk Sonar. I bought in at Sonar 5 back in early 2006, upgraded to Sonar 6 in early 2007, and I've just stuck with that since. Meanwhile, they're probably about to come out with Sonar 9, and I don't want to buy a new computer yet.

Hey, if it ain't broke...

matty said...

I ordered the upgrade from L8 and my confirmation said it would be here by Monday...

Tom said...

Matty - Whoa, cool. I wonder why some people were being told September? Bizarre.

Leah loves Spark... said...

This weak a "full version" release unfortunately suggests to me that some of the crucial ex-emagic talent has probably turned in their Apple badges. Here's hoping they're all at a new start up hard at work on ProLogicPerformer ;)

cl516 said...

finaaaaaally - varispeed and elastic audio. and i sure hope they got rid of the clicks and pops.

Seamus said...

Whoa, glad there's still at least rudimentary PPC support. I still love my G5 dual :)