Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Video for the new OMD Single

Via 100PercentRecordsUK on YouTube:

OMD are back and set to release their new album the first week in September via 100 Percent Records. "If You Want It" is the single, and this is the video. I'm a bit underwhelmed. I guess I was hoping for something like their older, weirder stuff (Architecture and Morality is so great....), but I'm sure that ship has sailed. What do you think?


Celine said...

Tipical british pop and, personally, I hate the ballet :-).
If you make a pop song at least make a video more original!

silikonanswer said...

Totally agree with you Tom. This sounds like their mid period, pure pop. A total let down. Their first releases had the perfect balance between pop magin and weirderness.

lineofcontrol said...

Underwhelmed indeed.

Anonymous said...

First time I've heard them and not impressed. I'll look through their older material to compare.

Was I the only one who was compelled to sing the chorus to "Radio GaGa" during the first 30 seconds of this vid?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Oh wait THAT OMD. ^^^

Yeah, this song sucks.

fractured said...

I actually enjoyed the pop stylings of Crush and Junk Culture. They lost me at Pacific Age. I'd actually think Erasure has a better chance of impressing me, but that seems like a long shot.

Of the old synth bands that are making new material, Depeche Mode seem closest to the interesting synth work. I wasn't so impressed by the bulk of their album, but "Ghost" is probably their best song since "Rush", or anything off of Violator.

bughouse said...

i was a pretty big OMD fan of their early stuff, and i still have all the vinyl up to genetic engineering. in fact, they were one of the reasons i got into playing synths in the first place (still have my very first SH-09 sitting right here next to me, working wonderfully).

but yeah, this isn't exciting. i was trying to be optimistic for the new stuff, but honestly this is about what i expected. pass.