Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Sample Friday: Korg Monotron!

Monotrons have been a bit hard to come by as retailers struggle to keep up with consumer demand, so to tide any of you out there waiting for yours to arrive (or for those of you just curious to hear it in action), here is a set of 55 24-bit WAV samples of the beast itself. Herein you'll find percussion sounds, sweeps, shrieks, and even some tonal sounds. I haven't included root keys for the tonal sounds since tuning is relative on the Monotron, but it shouldn't be difficult to wack into tune in your sampler of choice.

These sounds all resulted from 2 five-minute sessions of random twiddling. It's important to note that some sounds are noisier than others. This isn't a reflection on the Monotron itself (although there is some noise on the outputs), but the fact that I have normalized all these sounds, and some of them were significantly quieter than others, thus the higher noise floor. Frankly, I think a little noise adds character, but I just wanted to make that clear for people using these samples to judge the sound of the Monotron.

The compressed sound set weighs in at about 10.5 MB. Have fun and have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom!

Anonymous said...

yeah, many thanks!

PHiL said...

Cool !
I was looking for a good and clean & raw waveform from this little beast to build a "Monotron" patch for Propellerhead Reason's NN-XT...
If you have some more clean samples
with raw waveform... I'm interrested ;-)

dyerjuano said...

Thanx for information. free samples