Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ever Wonder What a Justin Bieber Song Sounds Like Slowed Down 800%?

Via Gawker:

Me neither, but it turns out, it actually sounds pretty cool. Bored musician Nick Pittsinger used the freeware program PaulStretch to do the deed and the result is an epic 35-minute dark ambient masterpiece. Who knew?

EDIT: Sorry, I suppose it might help if I actually posted the track. Stupid brain.


cw said...

Hahahhhaha, Bieber meets Delirium.

oeddy said...

I downloaded the program, kinda funny how it doesn't really matter what you put into it, everything comes out sounding exactly sigur ros. actually i was disappointed, i wish it was a program that could some how predict what the waveform would sound like at a normal sample rate instead of smearing everything with reverb. it just sounds like the whatever 2000s decade post rock