Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Version of Reaktor on the Way

It's been years since Native Instruments' jack-of-all-trades synth/drum machine/sampler/sequencer/effects creation software had had an update, and online speculation has been rampant over whether we'd ever see an update.

Good news for those waiting came in the form of a post on the Native Instruments forum announcing the upcoming Reaktor 5.5, a free update that will add many new features, while refining others. Here's what it will offer so far:

• New and improved features:
• Additive synthesis capabilities (based on new "Sine Bank" module)
• Modal synthesis capabilities (based on new "Modal Bank" module)
• Instruments can now be loaded as ensembles and vice versa
• Revised one-window GUI with flexible "split" view
• Unified interface layout for standalone and plugin operation
• New full-screen view in standalone mode
• New "structure bookmarks" feature
• Improved instrument header, properties and sample map editor
• Improved audio player with browser integration, drag&drop and auto-mode
• Improved preset handling with bank list and "snapshot master" function
• Global master volume controls for audio input and output
• Improved functionality of send/receive modules
• Audio I/O channels increased to 40 in standalone mode
• Improved handling of audio I/Os and ports
• Improved auto-save in plugin mode
• Improved sample rate conversion
• New "Lazerbass" monophonic additive synthesizer by Mike Daliot
• All ensembles from Electronic Instruments I + II now included
• Additional keyboard shortcuts
• New "application reference" manual with integrated tutorials


Anonymous said...

This is so amazing!! I'm so glad it's a free update.

bb said...

Can I get an Amen?

Tom said...

@ bb - Yes, of course, but you have to chop it up and rearrange it in Reaktor like all the other drum n' bass heads. haha

silikon said...

Tom do you recomend Tassman? It now costs 99$ on a summer deal. I love Reaktor too!

Davin said...

looks a LOT like Circle.

wonder if they bought it.