Monday, July 12, 2010

How's That Whole "The Internet is Dead" Thing Workin' Out for You, Prince?

Via FlyNews:

Less than a week after declaring the Internet "dead" and choosing to distribute his new album for free with copies of a handful of European tabloid newspapers to try to stem piracy, Prince's new album has leaked to the Internet and bootleg CD copies are surfacing on eBay.


silikon said...

Sad words from this, once, great composer and producer. No one could make beats like Prince when he had his custom Drum machines. Remember When Doves Cry? His latest output is just plain boring...

Bloodfetish said...

Ha, I have an actual copy of 20Ten nothing to run home about though.

Linn Drum is raped to death though, but apart from that its the same mediocre stuff he has been knocking out for the past 15 years.

For me, the last good Prince was the Love Symbol ablum.

As soon as he stopped swearing and doing raunchy lyrics, I knew the party was over with him.