Thursday, July 29, 2010

D16 Changes Name of "SHioiter" to "LuSH 101"

While the world waits for the highly-anticipated release of D16 Group's Roland SH-101 emulator, I came across this item on the D16 User Forums - Apparently the original "Shioiter" name has wisely been replaced by the significantly less shioitty name "LuSH-101". Good move.

Still no word on a release date...


ronnie said...

Much, much better indeed.

Anonymous said...

Bad move, the other one is more memorable and a talking point!

Tom said...

Depends how you look at it, I suppose. I'm sure they'd rather have people concentrating on how it sounds rather than making poop jokes. haha

Anonymous said...

try googling shioitor and then lush101
im not so sure lush101 is any improvement namewise

perhaps they should call it shwonohwon
because if it ever comes out - in theory it will have won...

or maybe
shwing !! 101

shynth 101

ess-aich 101

who cares - as many people have said - its what it does not what its called.....