Friday, July 23, 2010

AU-300: New Plug-in Programmer for Roland Alpha Junos

Saw this over on rekkerd and thought I'd share it here. I'll let the web write-up speak for itself:

"AU-300 is an Audio Unit Plugin based MIDI-Programmer for some famous Japanese synths from the Mid-80's.

It brings the modern DAW based working process together with the analoge sound of the Alpha Juno Family.

  • Load it in your AU-Host and control the Alpha Juno just like using a softsynth.
  • All settings are saved in the project file (and restored on load).
  • All parameters can be modulated and automation curves can be drawn.
  • You can save and restore .aupresets files and manage them on your computer
  • If your Host is supporting Midi learn, map your controller to it!
    This is usually only possible with Sysex-capable controllers."

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