Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Short Tour of Hansa Studios with Alan Wilder

via recoilofficial

The latest installment of Recoil's video updates from the currently ongoing "Selections" tour includes a short look at Hansa studios, the place many of Depeche Mode's best known material was recorded.


line of control said...

very cool...Black Celebration was mostly done at Hansa, IIRC ?

is it me or is Alan looking a lot more fondly back at his DM days?

what synth was that at around 2.52?

Alan said...

The synth at about 2.52 is a Moog Rogue

line of control said...

is that you Alan Wilder ???

Alan said...

Absolutely not (despite my fervent wishing). For one thing, I'm much taller (and somewhat less talented). But I do appreciate that he spells his name correctly (none of that extra L nonsense).