Monday, June 9, 2008

Lou Reed Plays the Moog Guitar

By now you probably have heard that Moog Music, known mainly for their legendary synthesizers, has decided to enter the guitar market. The Moog Guitar has e-bow sustain mechanisms built into each individual string for amazing sustain effects that were previously impossible. Oh yeah, and it costs almost $7,000 so you can believe that the guys featured in this video are among the 5 people in the world who can afford it...


fixate said...

Why must you show me these things Tom? I own an eBow but to have that on at will on the whole guitar without holding a device is insane. I want one bad.

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments:

* The current model is listed as the Paul Vo limited edition. Rumor is that a lower priced (by comparison) "studio" model without the AAAAA top, funky pick guard, gold hardware, and royalties to Paul is 6-9 months off.

* Moog is apparently making the electronics but the actual guitar is being outsourced to ???. The headstock looks faintly like the old Valley Arts/Samick guitars so maybe someone with a past in one of those companies is involved.

* I guess it helps to have a last name pronounced "read" to get your hands on one :)...I'm off to the courthouse to change my name this afternoon!