Friday, June 20, 2008

The Manual

If you paid attention to club music in the 1990's at all, you undoubtedly remember KLF who had a huge hit called "What Time is Love?" What you may not know is that the band wrote a book about how to have a number one hit called "The Manual". No longer in print, the book promises that if you follow the instructions outlined in the book exactly, you too can have a number one hit.

It's quite an interesting read. Alternately funny, cynical, and depressing, they give a pretty frank and honest outline of what the mainstream music industry is like. And they should know! Before starting their musical partnership (as The JAMs and the Timelords before adopting the KLF moniker...), member Bill Drummond was a manager of bands like Echo & the Bunnymen as well as an A&R rep for the major WEA label, while member Jimmy Cauty was the guitarist in a band Drummond had signed to WEA. Prior to the boom of the Internet, The Manual was extremely difficult to find, but these days some enterprising individuals have transcribed it to PDF format for your enjoyment.



Boreli said...

They were part of my life!

djprocyon said...

Awesome! I've been looking for another copy of it for ages :D
The KLF make up such a massive part of my childhood... got The White Room in my CD player at the moment too :D