Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vengeance Releases Phalanx Sampler

It's been awhile since there's been a new contender on the plug-in sampler front.  Now Vengeance has thrown their hat into the ring with their new sampler for Mac and Windows called Phalanx.  Here's a look at the features:

- Factory content features over 3000 sounds by Manuel Schleis from Vengeance Sound
- Samples are saved in your projects
- Samples can be dragged into the sample pads; even from external sources (e.g. DAW or browser)
- Conveniently large librarian
- Arrange and save your favourites (incl. 'tag mode')
- 32 stereo sample slots in 16 channels
- Each channel routable to up to 16 individual outputs
- 128 voices (up to 16 times polyphon per pad)
- 12 types of filters (6 dB, 12 dB, 24 dB each)
- Poly portamento and legato portamento modi
- Optional: Anti-alias free sample mode and ultra-high mode for powerful computers
- Undo / Redo function
- Graphical real-time display of waveforms
- Editable envelopes (amp, filter, pitch, ModEnv)
- Envelopes syncable to BPM
- Insert FX with 17 effect types
- Drag and drop to arrange Insert FX
- Reverb by ArtsAcoustic
- four band parametric EQ for each sample pad
- Mini preset browser with numerous presets for FX and envelopes
- Compatible with other Vengeance plugins (such as Metrum, Multiband Sidechain and Philta)
- MIDI-learn function
- Complex modmatrix: Combine anything
- two independent LFOs per sample slot (32 total)
- three GUI controllers
- All controllers and MOD matrix settings can be dragged into the custom area for easy access when needed
- Rename and color-code individual sample slots for full customization
- Retrigger: Samples can be accelerated to self-oscillation (tonally playable); see Swedish House Mafia "One"
- Scratch simulator: Use pitchbend or a MIDI controller like a turntable
- Crazy loop section: Back and forth in time, freezes in time, micro loops via modwheel, crossfade looping
- Convenient arpeggiator
- Switch between "drumkit mode" and "sample mode"
- Drumkit mode features "kill notes": A closed hihat can stop a fading open hihat
- Slim and full mode: Slim mode displays all 16 pads simultaneously, full mode offers full editibility
- Single version of Phalanx included (a mini plugin with just one sample pad)
- VST2, VST3, AU, RTAS, and AAX support; 32-bit and 64-bit

Pentium III 800Mhz
Windows 2k/XP/Vista/Win7
VST 2.4 or higher compliant host
full RTAS support!

IntelMac 1.5Ghz
Mac OSX 10.6
VST 2.4 or higher or AU compliant host
full RTAS support!

required minimum screen resolution of your computer: 1282x914

Note that this product does require a dongle (BOO!) not included in the price.  Two versions are available, a Basic Version with 3000 samples for $259, and a Premium Version with the twice the sample content for $325.

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