Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Suddenly... Logic X

In a surprise move today, Apple announced the launch of Logic Pro X, the latest major update to their flagship music production software.  And, much to the relief of everyone, it doesn't appear to be a dumbing down of the program as users of Final Cut experienced with the initial release of Final Cut X.

Among the new features is Drummer, a virtual session drummer who can accompany your arrangements in one of 15 styles.  While your virtual drummer is playing, you can construct your own custom kit from individual deeply-sampled kit pieces using Drumkit Designer.

Bassist and guitarists will appreciate the new Bass Amp Designer and the several virtual stompboxes added to Pedalboard.

For keyboard and synth enthusiasts, there's the new Vintage Keyboards instrument which features modeled B3, electric piano, and clav sounds.  If synths are more your thing, the new Retro Synth recreates the vintage synth sounds of the 80's not only with classic subtractive synthesis, but with FM and Wavetable modes as well.  A new Arpeggiator and various MIDI plug-ins allow you to work with your softsynths in new ways as well.

The new Flexpitch feature allows you to edit the pitch of audio as if it was MIDI in a piano-roll editor.  A brand new sound library and the ability to control Logic X with your iPad are some of the other interesting additions.  Logic X is available in the Apple App Store for $199.


Sean said...

My boxed copy of Logic Pro 8 is currently functioning as a $500 paperweight since it's not compatible with OS X 10.8. I guess I should grit my teeth and buy this.

Scott said...

It's annoying that there doesn't seem to be an upgrade path from Logic 9, so I have to pay the full whack if I want to buy it..